Writing for Digital

Writing is a very important skill, in school, work and in general life. According to Leslie Marmon Silko, "Writing can't change the world overnight, but writing may have an enormous effect over time, over the long haul." We believe that writing is very important, and all young people should develop this skill to articulate issues in writing.

Yet, in recent years, there's been a remarkable decline in quality of English language, specially amongst young people in Uganda. Many are using slangs, short words & acronyms. There's also increased use of inappropriate words and wrong spellings, both online and offline.

On the otherhand, the rise of digital media & social media has changed how we read and write. We believe that young people should be supported to write right, and that includes writing for the web and other digital media.

This category seeks to encourage young people to learn writing using digital tools, and to make available globally through the web. Participants will be writing a long essay

Who is it for?

This category is open to students in upper secondary school (S.5, S.6) & tertiary institution (Certtificate, Diploma, Degree) in Uganda, and out of school youth. Essays will be based on a selected theme.

Eligible Districts


Prizes for top essays

Entries are reviewed by a panel of judges, and the best essays will be rewarded in a special event.
Primary and secondary essays will be judged separately.

Submission Guidelines
  • Submitted essays MUST be in English, in clear, easily legible handwriting, or typed between 800-1000 words.
  • Only one submission is permitted per participant and team or joint authorship is not allowed.
  • All entries must be original, unpublished work authored by the students/participants themselves. All cited information and/or uncommon facts MUST be appropriately referenced on the last page of the essay.

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